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Release Mods

Submit your mods (or contribute in other ways) on GameBanana.

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Earn Points

Your points will grow with each release (or through community involvement).

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Get Games!

Redeem your hard earned points for game keys.

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Get Points...Get Games.

How do I do this?

Submitting to GameBanana

GameBanana is one of the largest and oldest modding communities on the web. We support hundreds of PC and console titles and have numerous mod sections and resources.

Earning Points

Your points will grow as you submit content such as mods, forum threads and WiPs and even returning each day will award you some points. Read our tutorial on how to earn points.

Redeeming Points for Keys

Once you've earned enough points, return here and purchase a game. You'll receive the key instantly and if there's any issue with the key, we have your back.


BananaExchange is made possible through key donations. Here are our donors.

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